2019 PAHF Congress + Board & Committees Meetings - Lima, Peru - August 7

To: National Associations


August 7 2019
Lima, Peru


As informed in previous communications, PAHF will hold its Ordinary Congress and Forum at the Westin Hotel, Calle Las Begonias 450, Lima, Peru - on 7th of August 2019 commencing at 08:00 am.

If you need a personalized letter for your NOC please contact Laura Macchiotti at lauramac@panamhockey.org


The Agenda of the Congress is attached. (Agenda) 

Each National Association (NA) that is not in arrears or suspended from membership  may send up to two (2) delegates to the meeting of the Congress, each of whom must be eighteen (18) years of age or over and show written authorization from that NA, (if one of these delegates is not the president of the NA).  One of those two (2) delegates (who must be a citizen of the NA) must be designated the head of the delegation, with exclusive authority to speak for and to cast the vote of that NA on each resolution put to the Congress at the meeting.

In the event that the NA is not able to send a delegate to the meeting of the Congress then that NA may provide written authorization for a member of the Board of Directors who is a citizen of that NA to act as Head of Delegation to speak for and to cast the vote of the NA on each resolution.

You can find the registration form online. Click here. Please complete the form before July 5th, 2019.

There is a proposal to change the statutes of the PAHF to adjust to FIH latest changes. This document has already been approved by FIH and circulated to NAs. We expect comments, if any, before 30th May, 2019.

Download documents from PAHF website: Statutes and Regulations




Candidates for election or re-election to any position of the PAHF Board must be nominated by his/her own NA and must be a citizen of that country. Nominations must be submitted in the appropriate form, as described below.

Nominations are called for the following positions:
-        Honorary Treasurer
-        4 Ordinary Members of the PAHF Board


Nominations will close at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019. Forms MUST be fully filled online at:

- Treasurer Nomination

- Ordinary Member of the Board Nomination

Outgoing Members of the Board

Treasurer:Mary Cicinelli

Ordinary Members of the Board:

1-      Gianni Delucchi (PER)

2-      Maureen Craig-Rousseau (TTO)

3-      Bree Gillespie (USA)

4-      Zuleika Seijas (VEN)



Nominations are called for members of the PAHF Committees as follows:

PAHF Competitions Committee
PAHF Umpiring Committee

PAHF Athletes Committee (from election by the athletes). Athletes election procedure will be sent in separate communication.

Medical Panel

Please fill in the forms online thru links above.

To ensure you nominate a suitable candidate please read the Terms of Reference before submitting the nominations;

Competitions Committee Terms of Reference

Umpiring Committee Terms of Reference

Athletes Committee Terms of Reference

Medical Panel Terms of Reference


Nominations will close at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019. Forms MUST be fully filled online

 NOTE: Each NA must give to the PAHF an undertaking, expressly committing to financially support its nominee(s), so he/she can attend meetings of the Board / Committee / Panel to which he/she is appointed.

The Board shall appoint the members of the Committees from the nominations received after screening each nomination and consulting the Chairpersons of the respective Committee to ensure that the nominees are suitable for the Committee to which they have appointed.



Official Hotel for PAHF NAs and Meetings: Innside Melia, Avenida Ernesto Diez Canseco 344, Miraflores 15074, Lima, Peru

Congress and Forum Hotel: Westin Calle Las Begonias 450, Lima, Peru

Stadium: Complejo Villa María del Triunfo - Av. Primavera N° 1491- Urb. José Carlos Mariátegui - Villa María del Triunfo


~ Summary of Critical Dates ~ 

Wednesday, 7th of August 2019

PAHF Congress and Forum 2019

June 1st to August 6th, 2019 

Elections for the Athletes Committee

Friday, 5th of July 2019 

Last date for Congress registration forms

Thursday 30th May 2019 

Last date for proposals of alterations to the Statutes.

Tuesday, 28th of May 2019 

Closing date of nominations for Treasurer and Ordinary members of the PAHF Board and Committees

August 5 and 6th, 2019

Committees and Panel Meetings 

August 5 and 8th, 2019

Board Meetings 

August 1-4th 2019

TOs Level 4 Course (entries closed) 

August 7- 12th 2019

Level 3 Coaching Course (entries closed) 


Should you have any queries do not hesitate in contacting PAHF Events and Development Coordinator at lauramac@panamhockey.org


Thank you,

Laura Macchiotti
PAHF Events and Development Coordinator

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